0800 Number

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More and more businesses (of all sizes) are seeing the huge competitive advantage of what 0800 Freephone numbers can bring to their business. Recent research suggests that if you allow your customers to contact your business using a Freephone number, responses from your advertising campaigns can increase by up to 300%! That’s right, up to 3 times the current response rate!

0800 numbers benefits:

  • 0800 number customers can contact you on your Freephone number
  • Can dramatically improve advertising responses
  • 0800’s give you huge competitive advantage
  • Freephone numbers can improve customer loyalty
  • 0800 numbers project a respectable nationwide image
  • You can take your 0800 number with you if you change offices

Our Platinum and Gold 0800 numbers are a proven, cost-effective way to maximise sales enquiries and show that you care for your customers. There are no changes to your existing numbers and no new phone lines are needed when you buy an 0800 telephone number.


  • Will a UK 0800 number increase the number of enquiries I receive?
    Yes because it is free for the caller to contact you.
  • How do UK 0800 phone numbers work?
    A 0800 number is “pointed” at your landline. You can ask us to change where the 0800 number is pointed to which we will do at no charge. We bill you every month. The bills are by the second – we don’t round up to the nearest penny.
  • I am in and out all the time. Can I divert my 0800 Freephone number?
    Your 0800 number will automatically follow any diverts set up on your landline. For example if you routinely divert incoming calls to your mobile when you leave your office then inbound calls to your landline made on your 0800 number will follow the divert to your mobile.
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