0808 Numbers

Free Phone 0808 Numbers

0808 Numbers work in exactly the same way as 0800 Numbers. Both 0800 and 0808 Numbers are recognised as powerful customer service tools enabling your UK callers to reach you at no cost to them.

Research suggests that people associate 0808 numbers with superior customer service and trusted organisations.

0808 numbers benefits

  • Customers can contact you on your Freephone number
  • Can dramatically improve advertising responses
  • 0808’s give you huge competitive advantage
  • Freephone numbers can improve customer loyalty
  • 0808 numbers project a respectable nationwide image
  • You can take your 0808 number with you if you change offices
  • Perfect as a disaster recovery solution if your landlines go down (divert to a mobile phone)

How do 0808 numbers work?

When your customers ring your free phone 0808 number, their calls are automatically and instantly redirected to a telephone number of your choice. Commonly this ‘destination number’ is your main contact number (landline), but can even be a mobile phone number.

By using our call divert system you can change this ‘destination’ number as often as you need to. Therefore when you simply want your inbound calls (to your 0808 number) redirected to another phone number for a short period of time, you can do that at the touch of a button.

Your 0808 numbers stays the same, but your calls can go anywhere you need them to.

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