0845 Number

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0845 numbers are possibly the most popular and recognised business phone number prefix. 0845 numbers are used by so many as they allow callers to phone businesses throughout the UK at the cost of a local rate call. In many occasions, businesses have seen far greater responses when they promote a 0845 local rate number in exchange for their standard 01 or 02 phone number.

Adopting a 0845 local rate number also means that your business need never change its phone number ever again. If you change offices or phone numbers, you have the facility to easily re-divert your 0845/ 0844 numbers to your new phone number/s free of charge.

0845 number benefits

  • The low call rate provides an incentive for potential callers
  • Can increase advertising responses and customer loyalty
  • Minimises callers call charge, with NO charge to you
  • Keep your 0845 number even if you change offices
  • Calls to 0845 numbers cost as little as 1p per minute


  • How do 0845 numbers work?
    A 0845 number is “pointed” at your land-line. You can ask us to change where the UK 0845 number is pointed to which we will do at no charge.
  • I am in and out all the time. Can I divert my UK 0845 number?
    Your 0845 number will automatically follow any diverts set up on your landline. For example if you routinely divert incoming calls to your mobile when you leave your office then inbound calls to your landline made on your 0845 number will follow the divert to your mobile.

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