090 Premium Rate Number

BtL NGN Inbound Solutions

Numbers beginning 09 are designated for the provision of premium rate services (PRS) which offer some form of content, product or service charged to the caller’s telephone bill.

Typical services include charity donation lines for fundraising, TV vote lines, competition scratch-cards, technical support help lines, mobile ringtone and other downloads, horoscopes, competitions, sports results, tipster services and interactive TV games. BtL provides Premium Rate Numbers across a wide range of pence-per-minute and pence-per-call tariffs.

What is involved in running an 090x service?

You need to ensure that the services you intend to offer via the 090x number are approved by PhonepayPlus, the Premium Rate Services regulator.

How do I earn money from Premium Rate Phone Numbers?

When a caller calls your number the charge of the call is added to their telephone bill. These charges are then shared between the network operator (typically BT) and the service provider. You, as the owner of the number, get a revenue share for operating the line. You earn money on every incoming call to your number.

May I run my own Service?

Yes. Many of our clients provide their own service. For instance many run a fax back service where they possess information or knowledge that others call for. Some provide help or information lines where customers will pay for information, e.g., brochure request lines, financial, events, tickets, etc. For your own service a premium rate number is simply ported over your existing fax or telephone line.

What is the revenue share?

You will receive a set amount per minute for every call that is made to your number. The amount depends on what service you are operating and on which tariff.

How do I set up my Premium Rate Line?

It is easy. We take care of all the administration and getting you your own numbers and services.

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