Visual Attendant

What do we mean by Visual Attendant?

It is a revolutionary way to interact with your customers, that is enabled by the cutting edge technology of WebRTC.  Just watch this short video to see how simple yet effective a solution it could be for your business.

Real Time Communication from any website

The Visual Attendant brings a powerful business proposition to the market. An enterprise with this capability can save time per customer-facing employee, create enhanced satisfaction and generate productivity.

A company’s website is their advert to the world and it’s where interaction often starts. Since most calls are already preceded by a website visit, why take a chance of the customer hanging up, getting a busy tone or being routed to the incorrect department. We’re more than aware some auto attendants, menu trees and IVR prompts drive callers up the wall. Consumers either love it or hate it. Why not offer a solution that everyone will love?

Key Benefits

  • Self-provision & manage customised call directories

  • Add voice calling from any website and webpage

  • Implement features easily & quickly

  • Real-time communications capabilities

  • Works on desktop and mobile endpoints


  • Customise Menu Options

  • Calls directly from a browser

  • Simplified menu creation

  • Point and click options

  • Intuitive web portal for easy set up

  • Start calls in WebRTC network and route via our SIP Trunks

BtL’s Visual Attendant enables Click-to-Connect capability from any web page allowing real-time customer interactions. There’s no confusion and the customer receives the information they need instantly.

The transition from a webpage visit to a real-time communications experience is seamless; the customer is instantly connected to the right person/department as a result of their selection of menu options before starting a voice call.

The customer saves time and no longer needs to listen to lengthy, complex automated attended menus with long wait times, requiring either ‘touch-tone selections’ or ‘can you repeat your request please’ to get connected.