BtL Cloud telephony

Voice over IP (VoIP) also referred to as SIP Telephony, allows normal calls to be made over IP networks, such as the Internet, your local area network (LAN) or a wide area network (WAN) as opposed to traditional telephony (TDM).

The increased functionality can be significant by integrating your voice and data into a single infrastructure and can deliver other benefits including:

  • Reduce your line rental costs
  • Installation costs can be less compared to analogue and ISDN lines
  • Easy to add more phones lines as your business grows
  • Easy to integrate home workers into your organisation
  • Allows your business to be flexible and adapt quickly to the constant changing business environment

It’s important if you are considering a VoIP solution that it is correctly deployed. Poor implementation can lead to poor call quality, lost calls and even intermittent loss of telephony altogether. BtL can help advise and implement a successful VoIP solution, whilst enjoying the flexibility and rich features of a fully populated PBX System, including Voice Mail, Call Forward, Auto Attendant and Out of Office Response.

The quality of IP telephone calls is dependent upon the latency, packet loss and jitter of the network. Ideally, the IP network needs to be Quality of Service enabled to ensure good quality telephone calls. BtL can assist with the planning, design and provision of IP networks suitable for voice calls.

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